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Honest Reflections on Parenting a Child with Special Needs

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As we enter the season of reflection and giving thanks, I have never felt such overwhelming gratitude as I do today. As the parent of a...

Something to Celebrate

I scrolled through my friends’ spring break vacation pictures on social media. I love seeing their smiling faces and beautiful beach...

A Glimmer of Hope

This is not a beautiful, feel-good piece about special needs parenting. I wish it was but it isn’t. This is a brutally honest description...

Jack's Point of View

I just read “Dora the Explorer’s Birthday Party” to my 14 year old son Jack for the fifth time today. He bounced on his knees with...

Bittersweet Birthdays

My son’s birthday is this week and I am planing a party for him. He will be 14 years old and we are having a Sesame Street themed party...


It took me a month to say it out loud. My son is thirteen years old. Thirteen. The teen part gave me a lump in my throat. And then I...

The Power of Perspective

A recent conversation left me thinking about the power of perspective. While at a child’s birthday party with my daughter, a dear friend...

Father's Day Tribute

There are so many types of wonderful dads to honor on Father's Day. There are the dads who coach all the sports teams and take the kids...

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